Protecting Your Property from Fires

23 Oct

The Fourth of July is an exciting time of year. It is the peak of summer, the days are long and hot, and friends and families join together to eat and play. Fireworks are no doubt the highlight of the vacation, and because we supply fire damage cleanup services, we understand the importance of maintaining your home and family safe and secure.

Nearly 18,500 fires are caused by fireworks annually based on the National Fire Protection Association. Additionally, nearly 10,000 people are treated in the emergency room each year for fireworks related injuries. These facts are good reminders to be careful and safe as possible celebrate. More info can be found here,

Here are some tips to keep your July 4th relaxing and enjoyable:

Dry conditions are extremely dangerous when interacting with any fire, let alone fireworks. Make certain you shoot off fireworks from humans, as well as any dry brush and landscape. Dry bushes near your own home can spark quickly and cause exterior damage.

Even sparklers can be dangerous and cause injury. Constantly be sure they are held far away from your own body and anything flammable. Be sure to watch children closely as they play them.

Have water ready to go when lighting of fireworks or utilizing sparklers in the case of fire or injury. Each year, garage fires result from fireworks which aren't extinguished that are put in plastic garbage cans.

Don't forget about the animals! Keeping them inside is best.

Consider safety glasses to prevent eye injury and utilize rust by shooting fireworks in the sky, never take out of a metal or glass container.

If you have questions or want water extraction bee cave assistance, do not hesitate to call us for assistance.

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